I'm not sure if I should even tell this story but back when the roundabouts in Union Gap first showed up I got really confused and wasn't sure which way to drive. I ended up popping my car up on the curb, heading into oncoming traffic, thank God, no one was there, and then flying down Rudkin Road. I had an appointment and as I pulled into the parking lot of the business, a cop was right on my tail.

Police car on the street
Crap! No one wants to see the lights go off

He wanted to know what just happened and I told him, honestly, I had no idea. I got confused and freaked out and was trying to not get in an accident. I did pull out all the stops though, big eyes, sad voice and he admitted that those three roundabouts in Union Gap are some of the worst ones he's seen in Washington State. SO, that's the "intersection" I hate the most.

Basic rules of the road should get you through but we all have moments where we pull-up to a four-way at the same time and forget who goes first, or does the green light mean I go and they turn or I turn and then they go?

Head on a swivel with both hands on the wheel, no speed racing, and no playing on your phone either while driving.  Fingers crossed our vehicles and ourselves make it back home safe and sound in one piece.

Intersections and Roundabouts we hate

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