Have you wanted to go out but didn't know what to order once you got there. I'm here to tell you my not-so-secret philosophy: When in doubt, order the nachos.

Here's why.

Not just for the obvious of 'they're delicious' but they have a little of everything. Sure some nachos are just piled high with junk and, trust me, I love those, too, but if you can get nachos that have cheese, meat, veggies and other stuff that pretty much counts for different parts of your food pyramid, or food circle or whatever thing they're using now-a-days for what types of food you're recommended to eat each day.

All of my favorite foods are that way. Pizza, sandwiches, tacos and even pho, to an extent, have all food groups represented. takes the guesswork out for me.

So, by all means, if you can't decide on what to order, just grab the nachos and be done with it.

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