Have you ever wanted to grow an avocado tree from a seed? I mean how cool. You make bomb guacamole or whatever, clean the seed off and then grow a tree, easy right? Hahahaha!

It's been on my bucket list since I can remember, I have attempted it multiple times with toothpicks or wrapping the seed in a damp paper towel but have never been successful until I finally splurged on an AvoSeedo!

You just set the seed inside and change the water every week. Every week, every week. Nothing will happen for over a month or so and then it will start to take off, growing a long root out the bottom, and finally, you'll start to see it growing from the top as well. I just assumed you let it grow like that until you transplant and keep watering it. Not the case.

Apparently, for your first prune, you are supposed to snip half of your growth when it reaches six to eight inches. It helps provide a strong base and encourages branching. I guess I never got the memo but am fully here to learn so before it's too late, Snip! snip!

Avocado Tree Pruning
Sarah Johnson

I started with the seed floating in the studio, I figured the music would help it grow, so slowly as the months wore on (January to April) I started to see some progress.

After about five months I was ready to transplant it to a well-drained pot and hoped for the best. A lot of the leaves have been scorched off, I was getting them wet during watering and that is no bueno. I also was informed I needed the pot to be in the sun as much as possible so I moved it to a sunnier spot, have been very careful with watering and the plant really started to take off. Of course, that's when I happened to catch a video on TikTok about hacking your plants in half. Wait, what? I have been working so hard to produce leaves. I triple checked and yes, that indeed is what you do. If I am in the right climate for this, only time will tell. Once it gets colder the plan is to move the tree into our greenhouse to continue taking off, or at least that is the hope.

If I waited too long and let it get too tall at least I can try again, I mean it's pretty fun to eat an avocado and then try to reproduce them. Even if it takes five to 13 years, oh boy!

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