I wasn't expecting snow this past weekend! Late March has on occasion turned chilly but that wind over the weekend was wild, I'm glad I didn't decide to start planting my window garden outside just yet. There probably would have been a few deaths.

Last night I dug out some old sage that I let dry up and this morning potted the oregano that I have been sprouting in a glass filled with water and a bit of dirt once the roots started to show. I read that allowing the roots to be introduced to some dirt with the water will help with sticking power once you plant them in the designated pot you want.

Today the plan is to grab a few more pots because it's time for the lemon tree to be replanted and my mint has so many roots. I was shocked to see that the basil I put in a bottle of water has grown some roots while still having the energy to bloom. I read one or the other will happen but if you come across a plant that figures out how to thrive in any condition, keep it! That's a hardy one for sure.

I checked my sandwich bags and happy to report that my grapefruit seed has begun to root, just like how the lemon seed did but I don't see any movement on the mango seed or the valentine pomelo, not sure if that one is going to ever do something. This is my second seed I've tried to start but patient is a virtue for sure.

Couldn't help myself and started growing another avocado from seed. Winnie loves sipping on water from that more than anything else so it keeps me motivated to continually refresh the water every few days. It just started to crack so the roots will begin showing off soon I would say.

I joined Yakima Plant Exchange on Facebook, have yet to trade anything with members but that's to come. I chopped off a bit of my Zebra plant at work and put it in water, after months there is a large root showing off so I suppose it's time to find a pot for that one as well. It's all a learning process and one of my favorite ways to relax and connect with nature. My hope is you find something that makes you smile and doesn't cost much either. I love just trying to regrow kitchen scraps and random seeds currently. If you have an idea of something I should try, please feel free to tell me more via our social medias or by messaging via the app

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My Window Garden

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