Not gonna lie, I LOVE "Grey's Anatomy". You? :)

I have watched it through a few times, so thank you to all the streaming platforms that carry it!

Not sure if I feel a special connection because it's based in Seattle, or because every single time I find myself crying along with the characters. I also feel like I have found my person! Or should I say TV show.

That was the case and even more for a Kansas couple. After a bit of dating, Hannah decided to share her Netflix password with her boo and he noticed she was rewatching "Grey's Anatomy." Instead of teasing her, he asked if she would like to watch it together. If you are not aware, the show's in its 16th season. So if you are choosing a show to binge, this is truly perfection!

First comes binging then comes a baby :)

Now that they have succeeded in carrying on their line, it's time to pop the questions. How to go about this. Well, for a lover of the show, you can choose from some pretty epic moments


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