I am a firm believer that you should not drink and drive. If you drink a lot and you drive, you should get busted. You could kill someone or die yourself. Police randomly put up checkpoints around our area so they can catch drunken drivers. I don't think that one beer will do too much to a person. The one-beer drinkers still smell like alcohol and when the police pull them over and they smell alcohol, of course they are going to assume that the person has had more than one. So they double-check that to make sure they are good.

I have been pulled over on several occasions and I never had one drink. I was in the DUI checkpoint line of fire. I personally want to avoid those areas so they can get the "other guy."

But where are these checkpoints set up?

I have noticed that in Tri-Cites they are always off the Benton Franklin Bridge. They always have one just down the street from the I-Hop in Kennewick as well. In the Yakima Valley, there is frequently one just past Legends Casino and right by Lateral A. It makes sense that there is one there because of the high number of accidents that have occurred.

Also, on I-82 by the Selah Bridge and at the Training Center Chevron. Where have you noticed DUI checkpoints in our area? Tell us in the comments below.

The bottom line is, don't drink and drive!



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