True story: When I married my wife we were gifted half a beef, which basically means we got half of a cow cut up into various cuts of steak. I didn't have a clue what cut was different from the others outside of T-bone has a bone in the shape of the letter T. I took it for granted because I didn't know how to prepare or cook steak outside of using a George Foreman Grill. Now I think I do it pretty well, but there are some steak experts who say it must be done a certain way. Thrillist released a list of the best steakhouse in all 50 states. Where do you think Washington's is?

According to Thrillist, the best steakhouse in Washington is Metropolitan Grill in Seattle.

Of course it's in Seattle.

Do you ever feel like these so-called food critics never venture outside of Seattle when it comes to all the "best in the state" stuff?

Rant, aside, I'm sure they're fantastic. The location, alone, in a building built in 1903 gives it that awesome atmosphere. Neat!

But we also have awesome steak right here in Yakima, so don't let these lists fool you. Sure, it's fun to see what others are saying, but no need to drive all the way to Seattle when you can eat at home.

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