The first sip is the sweetest or most bitter depending on how you like your coffee. Welcome to Tuesday, September 29th, 2020. National Coffee Day!

Some like it black some make the joke of a bit of coffee with their creamer. My Mom once asked how much creamer and I replied with, "Pour until you see the cloud" If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are not a creamer kind of person ;) Or better yet, now you will always see it and know that your first sip will be the creamiest, sweetest sip there is!

I tried calling around to the different shops to get the inside scoop on the sweet coffee deals for the day and most everyone had no idea it is National Coffee Day so I would advise checking out the social media of your favorites just in case they wake-up inspired. Either way coffee will be available, from many different locations. All-day, every day.

  • It can improve your energy level and possibly make you smarter
  • It could help you burn fat
  • Can drastically improve your physical performance
  • It contains essential nutrients
  • It may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Could protect you from Alzheimer's disease and Dementia
  •  May lower your risk of Parkinson's
  • May protect your liver
  • Can fight depression and make you happier
  • May lower risk of certain types of cancer
  • It doesn't cause heart disease and may lower your risk of a stroke
  • May help you live longer
  • The biggest source of antioxidants in the Western Diet

Here are some coffee hacks for you

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