"Spring forward, fall backward!"

"If I could turn back tiiiime...Cher this with everyone you love!"

It's that dreaded time of year again where we see all the reminder memes on Facebook and Twitter, and all of us here on the West Coast lose an hour of our precious sleep because of Daylight Saving Time*. A few of our legislators want DST to go away - forever!

Senator Jim Honeyford (R-Legislative District 15) has teamed up with a few fellow senators to give that ole time yanker the boot. This isn't the first time legislators have tried to get rid of D.S.T., but it just might be the last!

On January 20th, Honeyford, along with Senators Becker, Bailey, Angel, Rivers, Warnick, and Rossi, introduced Bill 5329, which I will hereby refer to as "Greatest Bill Evarrr". This bill aims to "repeal" Daylight Saving Time for Washington State, and replace it with permanent Pacific Standard Time. No longer will I have to get sad that I have to turn the clocks back, right when it was starting to get light and sunny outside when arrive to work at 6AM.

So far, no one has come forward to testify against this bill, WHICH MEANS, 90 days after the law passes, we will no longer have to say "Change your clocks, change your socks!" twice a year. Okay, so I am the only one who says that. Most people just say you should change out the battery in your smoke alarm when you set your clocks back and forth. But who am I to follow all the rules?!

Source: KOMO News

*PLEASE NOTE: For the love of all that is good, it is called Daylight SAVING Time, not SAVINGS. You are saving time, not "savings" it!

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