Got a hot date this Valentine's Day? And would a five-course dinner for two at Yakima's Caffe 11th Avenue warm things up a little?

Then hey: We've got you covered!

We're giving away an enchanting evening at a benefit dinner for the Larson Gallery building fund -- a meal prepared by guest chef Jessica Smith that includes local wines, fresh salad, speciality coffees and dreamy desserts. It's a $100-per-person value, but we're giving it away to whoever can tell us the best reason they should win it.

So tell us your story. Is this your first date or a special night with a longtime love? How'd you meet? What makes a chance at this Valentine's Day meal mean so much?

Write a few sentences in the form below and turn it in by 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12. We'll announce our winner the next day.

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