When I was growing up some participated in selling the World's Finest Chocolate bars door to door, to friends and family or, to some lazy yet efficient families, the parents would sell it for them at work. Either way, these have been around for several decades and, at once time I thought the were a rip-off, now I think they're wonderful.

I remember vividly a representative coming to the schools to talk about how great their candy is and, to prove it, gave us all a sample-sized one. Like if they came in 'fun-sized' sizes. I thought they tasted great, even better than Hershey's which was kind of the standard, but not for the whopping $1 price tag. I could get a Snickers bar for 35 cents when I was growing up. Then it was 50 cents for a long time. If you grabbed a candy bar recently it's a dollar or more in some places.

The World's Finest Chocolate bars? Unlike most it was immune to inflation. At least it is for now. The traditional bars sell for $1 but they do sometimes offer other items that cost $2, maybe more. They still have kids selling these at times. You might find them in front of stores that allow for fundraising efforts. They're still a dollar and still taste great. I try not to eat so much candy during the day but many times late at night I need a quick fix. That's when these come in handy. If I see someone selling these I'll often buy, like, $20 worth. It makes both of our days. And it always goes to a great cause as these are sold in fundraising efforts whether it be for school or church functions or something of that nature.

So if you happen to see someone selling these, don't just shuffle past them in a hurry without making eye contact, maybe drop off a dollar or two. You may need it later.

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