Ladies and gentlemen Xochimilco just opened up their Taco Truck and it is BOMB! It's located in the corner of the parking lot on 48th and Tieton, the same parking lot that houses their Fuego Margarita Bar. While other restaurants are fighting to stay open, Xochimilco's is expanding.

The truck has been parked at their first location on Nob Hill, for five years. Waiting for its time to shine. Who knew in the middle of a pandemic the Xochimilco Taco Truck would arise but thank goodness because owner Daniel said, "now we get to try out some new menu items like hand-tossed corn tortillas and different salsas. One day you'll order the green salsa and it will be spicier than another day because everything is made from scratch."

If you are unfamiliar with how to pronounce the name it sounds like SO-CHEE-MILK-O. It's been almost a decade since the first time my husband and went on a date at the Nob Hill location. They catered our wedding a few years later and as they expand we are right along with them checking out each new spot.

Currently, the Nob Hill location is getting a remodel of the kitchen and floors. I love that Daniel is creating a space for his family, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins to thrive and also be comfortable while they create food you can tell they love cooking. There's no way the fajitas or camarones a la crema would taste that incredible if love wasn't one of the main ingredients.

They opened Xochimilco Techila Bar and Restaurant on Tieton in Glenwood Square. Then Xochimilco Restaurant and Tequila Bar down at Valley Mall with some outdoor seating also Fuego's spot in the parking lot of 48th and Tieton. 13 years in our Valley and I cheers you with an ice-cold Horchata to 13 more because you have some of the best food around.

Xochimilco Taco Truck

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