This past weekend we decided to go to Tri-Cities for a change of scenery and lunch led us to Texas Roadhouse, a bbq and steak chain restaurant. It got me thinking how well one would do here in Yakima.

It's set up like most casual dining restaurants. You tell the host how many people are in your party, you get your seat (or, in our case, we had to wait a few minutes) and go from there. One of their fun gimmicks that my kids were amused by is there are free peanuts everywhere and you're not discouraged to simply put your peanut shells on the ground. That's right! Right when you walk in there is a literal barrel of peanuts that you can help yourself to while you're waiting and if you can't find a place to put your peanut shells, the floor will do nicely.

Like most places have free bread or something on the table, like Olive Garden has their breadsticks and Red Lobster has their famous Chedder Bay Biscuits, Texas Roadhouse has these warm rolls that come with a cinnamon butter. They're awesome.

Their food is your standard fair of various steaks (which you can see which cuts you prefer on your way to your table) as well as chicken, ribs and more. They also offer sweet potatoes, chili and other southern-type food options that go great with bbq. All in all, we had a great time.

The Texas Roadhouse in Kennewick is the only Texas Roadhouse in Washington, though others do exist outside of Washington state. I'd love it if someone would bring a second location for Washington to Yakima. I know it'd do well.

Have you been there? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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