This is the second installment of the Yakima Dog Blog: 'Tater Thoughts: The Musings of a Golden Retriever'. Tater Tot Stephenson turns 1 year old. A cause for celebration for sure, but, is it normal to have an actual 'birthday party' for a dog?

Tater wonders because this, after all, is his first birthday and he's never quite sure if his family is just weird, or if what happens in his everyday life is, just the way things are.

And now, through the keystrokes of his Dad, Brian, 'Tater Thoughts'.

Brian Stephenson

Hey, it's me, Tater. Apparently I looked like some kind of relatively unhealthy potato product when I was little, hence the name. Now I'm 90 pounds of 'hey, can't you see my dish is empty?' People tell me I'm cute and very photogenic all the time and I really get sick of hearing it! No I don't. But in this photo, Emily was stretching my face to make it look like I was smiling. I think it looks like I got the short end of a twofer Botox sale!

Emily Stephenson

Does this picture make my proboscis protrude in an elephantine manner? I'm not that self-conscious but you can't be too careful these days with the paparazzi snapping pictures every few seconds. Dad is working on a couple of endorsement deals right now and I don't want to blow it.

Lori Stephenson

This is what they're calling a 'Birthday Cake'. Is this standard? I mean, it's my first birthday and all but I'm not sure if everyone gets a cake that somewhat resembles the thing they're named after. What would a 'Ralph' cake look like? Or taste like?  I dunno. But if you're wondering, yes they did let me get too close and I wolfed down about half of it! Yum!

Lori Stephenson

Me, getting another hug from Emily. This time we were about to go for a ride in the car, which, I love and it usually winds up with me going to the park, getting a treat, or getting neutered. (that only happened once and ever since I've fallen out of love with pillows. I guess we broke up!) Emily is one of my favorite humans. She loves me almost too much. But I don't think she has ticks, so, you know, that's cool.

Brian Stephenson

Finally, this is me, all sprawled out, the morning after. Okay, I admit I may have overdone it. This is, after all, the kind of rest a dog needs if he's going to have a day filled with digging holes, sleeping, chewing up stuff, sleeping, eating, sleeping and planning for my 2nd Birthday Party!

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