Your winter walk or bike ride along the Yakima Greenway will be disrupted this week with levee repairs along the Yakima River.

The work along the Yakima River Starts on Tuesday

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is doing the work starting January 25 in three locations along the Yakima River and Yakima Greenway. The first location is north of El Mirador along the Greenway trail. The second location is slightly farther upstream of the Yakima River near the new Rotary playground. The last repair site is south of State Route-24 near the City of Yakima Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Portions of the Greenway Pathway will be closed this week

Because some of the work is next to the Yakima Greenway Path portions of the path in the work areas will be closed. A press release says "these repairs are part of routine inspection and maintenance of the federal levee system that protects the City of Yakima from over bank flooding from the Yakima River. As the local sponsors, the City of Yakima and Yakima County provide the real property interests required to access the sites and the Corps performs the repairs."
The areas closed will be clearly marked for walkers and bike riders. Greenway officials say it's a good time of year to do the work when the pathway isn't as busy as it is in the spring and summer months.

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