Last week the Yakima Community was invited to a prayer and support time for the family of a Yakima boy who accidentally drowned in the Yakima River last year. This Saturday, January 14 a Celebration of Life will be held for Lucian Munguia at Yakima's Stone Church 3303 Englewood Avenue in Yakima. The event is set to start at 12:00 pm.

Do you remember the day and evening Lucian went missing?

The boy's body was found in the Yakima River on December 29, 2022 near Yakima Valley Highway and Burke Road in the Parker area. Police say there was no foul play suspected.  He had been missing from Yakima's Sarge Hubbard Park since September 10th when he was last seen in the playground area of the park.
Remember the day he was reported missing? Local and state police including members of the community searched the park and water areas around the park but were never able to find any sign of 4-year-old Lucian.

Missing Yakima Boy's Body Has Been Found
Munguia Family/Canva

Lucian apparently was drawn to water

Authorities say the boy loved water and many suspected he had fallen into the Yakima River. The pond at the park was searched by the FBI and a federal forensic team but the boy wasn't found. Authorities only searched on the surface of the Yakima River because of the danger the water posed to divers.
It took more than 3 months before his body was discovered.

The family knows the community is mourning with them

Last Saturday the family invited the community to a prayer and support time at a local church. This Saturday, January 14 the faimily is holding a Celebration of Life will for Lucian Munguia at Yakima's Stone Church 3303 Englewood Avenue in Yakima. The celebration starts at 12:00 pm.


No plans to change the pathway on the Yakima Greenway

Concerns for kids playing and walking along the Greenway path near Sarge Hubbard Park had some calling for safety considerations. But the Executive Director of of the Greenway, Kelly Connaughton says there's no plan to increase safety along the pathway to prevent future drownings. She says a barrier or fence between the Greenway Pathway and the Yakima River wouldn't be realistic and won't happen. She urges people to be vigilant while walking the pathway near the water.

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