Travel & Leisure magazine's website posted an article ranking "America's Coolest Desert Towns" and Yakima came in at #10 out of 16. The article noted our standing as America's dominant growers of hops and apples and the hard work it took to turn the Yakima Valley from barren desert to a thriving agricultural hub and America's 3rd largest wine producing region.

"19th-century pioneers faced an inhospitable sagebrush desert, since tamed through a series of ingenious irrigation canals using fresh mountain runoff that brought the fertile volcanic soil roaring to verdant life. Nowadays, Yakima serves as the hub of a thriving wine country, where you can visit more than 100 unique wineries, producing everything from Rieslings and Chardonnays to Merlots and Syrahs and even sweet ice wines."

Beer and wine are pretty cool but they left out the best stuff like "Floating The River", Downtown Summer Nights, legal weed, city council hottie Carmen Mendez and the fact that we're "The Palm Springs Of Washington"!

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