When Ryan Pastor of Yakima decided to paint his garage door to look like the American flag, he had no intention of upsetting anyone. The Air force veteran recently painted his garage door red, white and blue because he says he's a proud American and loves the flag.

But his recent paint job has apparently caused people to complain to the Tancara Homeowners Association where he lives in west Yakima. The association attorney recently sent a letter to Pastor saying "community members" have complained about the American flag paint job on his garage door.
The letter also says his painting wasn't approved by the architectural committee. Pastor says he's never heard of the committee, which said nothing to him when he repainted his entire home last year. And KIT News has learned of other homes in the area that were painted in the last year without getting any letters from the association.
Pastor's neighbors are in full support of the color of his garage door. In fact KIT News spoke to neighbors of six homes near Pastor's home who were supporting Pastor. Some didn't even notice the repainted garage door.
Pastor says he has no plan to repaint his garage door and is speaking with an attorney to answer the association's concerns. He says he just wishes people would "mind their own business."
Pastor says he's a proud American veteran who loves the flag and wants to show his pride. He says that's the reason his garage door at his home is painted to look like the red, white and blue American flag.

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