Riddle me this: Why isn't there a Mexican restaurant that delivers in Yakima, of all places?!

Yakima needs better food delivery options, like, ASAP!

This past Friday night, there I was, feeling extra exhausted from a long week and definitely not in the mood to cook dinner or get myself and my daughter dressed up to head outside the frigid weather to go grab some dinner to-go. I had a really bad craving for some Mexican food. I could almost taste the delicious chicken mole enchiladas with a side of rice and beans plus some tasty tortilla chips and that "excelente" salsa! The only problem was, I had already poured myself a glass of wine, so obviously wasn't in a position to drive, nor did I want to shell out 20 bucks or more for a taxi or Uber.

I audibly groaned, lamenting the lack of restaurant delivery options in Yakima. In Yakima, you can order delivery for pizza...or sub sandwiches. That's it! Oh, yes, there's also Kabob House, which is one of my faves, but they don't serve Mexican food at a Greek restaurant! You would think that a city which has Mexican restaurants on practically every corner, that at least ONE of them would have delivery! Nope!

My Facebook friends told me that they were just as perplexed about this, as well. One of my friends, suggested that I hit up a late night taco stand over at Jackson's Sportsbar or Yakima Sports Center. I told her that I, for one, am not walking forty or even ten blocks late at night with my kiddo, especially when it's unsafe to be walking around, just to stand in line at a taco stand! Ain't nobody got time for that!

Here are some of the other responses to my Facebook question:

Yakima needs a place that serves/delivers Indian, Mexican, Thai food. - Julie

We're spoiled with prime now in Seattle delivering grocery and food from restaurants. - Heather, rubbing it in!

Or a steak house or a hamburger too. All food should be delivered. - Laurie

[Try] Uber Eats! - Jacquetta

I'm still trying to figure out why no [other] restaurants in Yakima deliver. - Noel

Unfortunately, Yakima does not have access to Uber Eats or Amazon Prime Pantry grocery delivery.  Before anyone else suggests, no, I don't desire to start my own delivery service company, namely because I don't have patience to deal with any customer complaints on delivery times or cold food dishes upon arrival.

I did find out one good bit of knowledge that we can all tuck in for the next time we want some restaurant delivery besides Greek food, a pizza or a turkey sub: Yakima Delivery Services. They will deliver food from whichever restaurant you desire, as well as any personal errands for goods and services that you may want to have delivered!

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