He's been missing since September 10 and still no sign whatsoever about what happened to a 5 year old boy from Yakima. Yakima Police say Lucian Mungia was last seen by his father in the play area at Sarge Hubbard Park. Police say as the search continues there's still no sign of any foul play and they have no answer as to what happened to the boy.

YPD Chief says he doesn't know if the boy will ever be found

Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray says there are things in the investigation the police can't share with the public as the search continues.
The chief is hoping the community continues to support the family. He says at this point there's no way to know if there will be a resolution in the case.

Where's the video of the boy?

For weeks the chief told local media authorities had a video of the boy walking away from the play area of the park on the day he went missing. Last month however the chief admitted no video of the boy existed. He gave no reason why he said there was a video in the first place. Murray apologized to the community for the misinformation. The chief told reporters the video was evidence there was no foul play involved. Now that no video is available police aren't saying what evidence the department can't talk about as the search continues.

Maybe you have something that could help?

But police are hoping maybe you can help.
Police ask if you were in Sarge Hubbard Park or Yakima Humane Society areas on September 10 between 6:45 pm and 8:00 pm and have any information, photos or videos during that time frame please contact Yakima Police at 509-575-6200 or dial 911.
The investigation and search continues today with still no sign of what happened to the boy.

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