Update: A lot of people wanted popcorn today. Photo courtesy of Cole Lantrip

Cole Lantrip

Not gonna lie I am a freak about popcorn

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When I go to the movies I like to get it layered and I always ask for a plastic bag because one time that buttery goodness just started seeping out of the bottom, you gotta lock it in. :)

When Mom and I go we split popcorn and we both add jalapenos to the mix. Sometimes when I'm with the hubs I add hot tamale candies to the bag. The mixture of salty, spicy, sweet is BOMB!

It's been a while since I've hit up the local movie theater, for obvious reasons but this post I stumbled across a Facebook post from Yakima Theatres made me do a double-take.

Wednesday 4/15 will be a great day! It's tax free day and to celebrate we think you need POPCORN! Swing by the Yakima Cinema on N 16th Ave between 3pm and 6pm to get your free JUMBO POPCORN. One per car, while supplies last. Enter, go all the way down the driveway and circle around to the front of the theatre for popcorn. See you all there. Miss you all!

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