Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 24th between 9 am - 12 pm and breath a sigh of relief. If you have been stressing about Thanksgiving and wondering how you are possibly going to prepare a special meal with no funds. Help has arrived.

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Thanksgiveaway is brought to you by this amazing mission

The Yakima Union Gospel Mission has created Thanksgiveaway! A chance for local families in need to enjoy a holiday box full of food. Now, you HAVE to register before the day of the event by calling Gloria at 1-509-248-4510. The flyer states

Any local family in need (one box per household. Must register to receive.

I called in hopes to get even more details and had to leave a message so don't let that deter you from signing up. Seriously, that would be the worst if you waited in line the day of without registering so please keep that portion at top of mind.

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3303 Englewood Ave

On Tuesday, November 24th between the hours of 9 am - 12 pm in the parking lot of the Stone Church, located at 3303 Englewood Ave, vehicles will line-up to grab their pre-registered box. Did you catch that? The only cars in the parking lot are the ones that have preregistered so PLEASE don't forget to do that first, ok? Also if you would be so kind to help us spread the word, this gives people a lot of time to get their plans in order.

2020 has already been pretty rough so having local organizations step-up and be organized enough to get the word out nice and early is a beautiful thing! Keep it up Yakima Union Gospel Mission. I see you!


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