The buzz around town is that Yakima is starting to "get it poppin'" with all these new chain restaurants! It's turned into a regular "Yakima's Next Top Food Chain" up in here! I LOVE IT!

Yakima is expanding to reach urban heights with new chain spots such as Chipotle, MOD Pizza, Jimmy Johns and the upcoming Panera Bread. But what else are you itching to see spring up in Yakima? I am still waiting on a Hooters, Chuck E. Cheese and Trader Joe's! On a side note, I wonder if all of our Safeway stores will change their name to Haggen?

Food Blogger John Chow did a review of the MOD Pizza in Irvine, Calif., and it's worth a look if you are a foodie and can't wait to step foot inside the new Yakima location in Rainier Square (the old Nob Hill Plaza).

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