Certified pizza freak! Seven days a flipping week! Pile on them pizza toppings, crust crunchy there ain't no stopping!

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Oooooheeee! I can't help myself when it comes to pizza and that's why this Foodie Friday with Sarah J powered by Coca-Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities is dedicated to MOD Pizza!

A few years back, we teamed up with MOD to help feed the hungry and I have always admired the way they give back.

The hubs and I have VERY different tastes when it comes to pizza toppings. He is more a traditional pizza lover with a mega crust, red sauce pineapple, ham with the added touch of pepperoni. I LOVE to take advantage of the fact you can basically add every single topping on the line and your pizza will still fire up crunchy and delicious.

Plus you have the added ability of adding different bases, I go for a cauliflower crust, my current favorite but I have tried the gluten-free and that's great too! I also love to add a garlic oil and pesto instead of red sauce and to finish it all off I LOVE their balsamic fig glaze! Rich, sweet, sour and perfect! MOD Pizza also offers dairy free cheese if you're into that. You can order your pizza like a salad or just order a side salad with all the extras.

They also have delicious drinks to enjoy and the finisher is the no name cake! Rich and delicious, it's the perfect finisher when you are craving a great meal!

MOD Pizza

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