With Yard Sale season in full swing, it's important to know what to bring to make sure you're prepared for the hunt.

What to Bring

Bring cash, but keep it to a budget. If you see something you can't live without and don't have enough cash, either try to talk them down in price or play ignorant and bring it up to pay for it, "discover" you don't have enough money and say you'll run to an ATM, but to hold onto the item for you. Never assume it'll still be there when you get back.

List of Yard Sales to Attend:
Thanks to sites like Craigslist and the local Facebook groups, you can see who's having a yard sale and plan your route accordingly. Sure, it doesn't hurt to stop by some various yard sales that pop up on the way, but it's nice to know there are definitely yard sales where you're driving to.

A Charged Cellphone:
I bring one for two reasons. One, to call or text others if you find something they'd be interested in hurrying down and picking up, or to ask them if they'd like you to buy it for them. The other reason is, if you're a reseller, you can do quick eBay searches to see if some item someone’s selling for a dollar might be worth much more.

Grocery Bags:
I usually bring a bag or two. That way if you buy several smaller items you don't look like an idiot walking around with all of these random things in your hands, under your arms, balanced on your head, etc. Just grab a few bags and ball them up in your pocket — they don't take much room at all.

Newspapers, Bubble-Wrap or Something as Padding:
Great if you're buying plates, glassware, antiques or anything fragile. The seller might not have what you need to make sure it's safe, so it's on you to protect your purchases.

Outside drinks are fine, so you're strongly encouraged to bring a bottle of water. With the sun shining on that hot pavement, you'll be happy you have it. We have plenty of vendors who will be happy to sell you some as well.

Don't forget about Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale coming May 9, 2015, at the Perry Tech parking lot at 8 a.m. No doubt you'll find some great stuff there!

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