Temperatures are rising and that means it's yard sale season! This weekend is Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale -- Saturday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. And whether you are heading to Perry Tech to shop or sell (booths are still available -- call 509-972-3461),) it's going down for real!

I am really into DIY projects, I mean I don't accomplish a lot of them, but the thought is constantly there. So I figured I would share some of the coolest ideas I have come across and maybe, just maybe, you can score some sweet supplies this weekend!


  • 1

    Old jeans with new themes!

    40 ideas for jeans

    You could purchase a pair of used jeans to turn into a picnic blanket, an apron, a purse, a basket or a placemat! The ideas are endless and jeans are everywhere at a yard sale

  • 2

    Backyard pallet ideas

    I don't know for certain if there will be pallets at the yard sale however in this valley you can just drive around and see pallets being thrown away near dumpsters. Think about what you are wanting and maybe you could pick-up the sweet accessories you need

  • 3

    5 minute crafts for the whole family

    Find random glass bottles, some jewels and use the glue gun or grab some old socks and some cement to create something unique

  • 4

    Projects ideas for the kitchen

    Find random plates, cups and more to create a whole new look for your next food gathering, or create a modern cake stand out of yard sale finds

  • 5

    Bargain finds via Bob Villa

    Bob Villa breaks down the items you should keep an eye out for that are going to save you some serious cash!

  • 6

    Turning the old into the new

    There are SO many different uses for wine bottles, corks, rakes, spoons, window frames and more. Seriously turning someone junk into your next treasure!

  • 7

    Fancy holders for money and jewelery

    I want to take a moment to pay tribute to the best hack I have seen. Turning an old cassette tape into a wallet. Don't know if I would actually use it but the idea is amazing.

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