I've been told that it's a new year so I need to hit the gym and get into fitness.

Yeah, I'm already into fitness, like fitness whole taco in my mouth!

Getty Images/Gustavo Caballero
Getty Images/Gustavo Caballero

I did it again. Somehow, I caught the attention of co-workers who think I need to hit the gym and get in shape. This happened to me last year, when I got voluntold* to enter a weight-loss challenge contest. I ended up gaining 10 pounds by the end of the contest. So much for that.

Enter yet another weight-loss challenge, stage left. I'm going to do the "Get Fit For 2017" challenge anyway, despite my fear that I will gain yet another 10 or so pounds. Not only will I get to work out at the YMCA, I'll get to make new friends (like YOU), and exercise with my pals from work!

I plan to do this weight-loss challenge a bit differently, though. I've added my favorite element of life, food, to help inspire me to actually do more than show up to the gym and relax for 10 minutes in the steam room. Here's to hoping it works!

For the next SIX WEEKS, I will try my absolute darnedest to:

Schedule ONE day a week to walk on a treadmill/stair-stepper for 15 minutes, instead of my usual 10. I think I'll choose Fridays, starting with this Friday, for inspiration.

  • Eat a fun** salad for lunch after my workout, which will give me something to look forward to. Along with my fun salad, I will also be eating some tacos! (Perhaps I was a dragon in a former life.)
  • Create a fun music playlist, filled with my favorite kind of workout music--which is lounge house--featuring some laid-back beats to inspire my steps (I am loving "Waterfall" by Lisa Shaw & Mark Farina, and "Living Without You", from Samantha James).
  • Get some headphones that actually work. (All the ones I purchase seem to have one side stop working; it's quite annoying, indeed!

*Voluntold: When you are told by someone that you will be volunteering for something.

**Fun Salad: A salad of baby greens, chunks of avocado, shredded cheddar cheese, freshly diced tomatoes, croutons and sprinkled with pepper, topped with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. This fun salad may or may not have some grilled or crispy chicken added to it! Hey, your judgment of me means nothing--I have to take baby steps to healthier eating, OK!

Miguel Migs ft. Lisa Shaw, "Waterfall"

Samantha James, "Living Without You"

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