Hey y'all! I'm starting the "Reesha's Reads" Book Club & Podcast! I'll be reviewing 1 adult book and 1 childrens/juvenile fiction. Podcast coming soon on Friday, December 21st!
December 2018 Book#1 (Adults): Eliza Hamilton: The Extraordinary Life and Times of the Wife of Alexander Hamilton by Tilar J. Mazzeo

Well, we've heard about ol' Mr. Alex, thanks to Lin Manuel Miranda's hit play, but what's the tea on his wife, Eliza? (And is that song about the "hole in the bucket" about her? Let's find out!)
December 2018 Book #2 (Kids): Charro Claus and the Tejas Kid by Xavier Garza

Did you know Santa has a Mexican cousin named Pancho? Neither did I, and neither did his nephew, Vincente! This is the tale of how it goes down in a small Tejano town for Christmas!

Shout out to Yakima Valley Libraries for letting me borrow these two books!

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