Having been out of school for over 10 years at this point it still amazes me every time August rolls around! The amount of school supplies and cool gadgets to grab, I'm talking to you disco ball locker hanger! :) Why didn't they have that when I was doing MY school shopping? :)

Seriously though, with 28 days left before school starts the big question is what CAN you do for fun?

I checked in with my fantastic friend and founder of #teentribe Lexi to fill me in with what the kids and anyone really can get into before these dog days of summer are over and here is what she said.

  1. "You could start a lawn mowing business in your neighborhood and make a few hundred dollars for school clothes!
  2. You could start walking or running around your neighborhood or at the track (early when it’s cooler) and get in better shape before school starts!
  3. You could read an entire book just for fun!
  4. Walk dogs at the Yakima Humane Society
  5. OR....You could plan a trip to the river with your friends
  6. Go for a hike
  7. Serve at the Union Gospel Mission
  8. Head to the library for a free class
  9. Check out the Arboretum
  10. Catch an outdoor movie at Chesterly Park on Sundays
  11. Outdoor concerts at Franklin on Fridays
  12. Downtown Summer Nights on Thursdays
  13. Family night at Hoptown Pizza (shoot make your own pizzas at home)
  14. Catch the Pippins baseball team as they wrap up their home games this week!
  15. Go to the Moxee Hops Festival this weekend and check-out the parade (you know the Sea Gals will be at the kffm.com booth! :)
  16. Listen for your chance to win Beyonce & Jay Z Tickets on 107.3 KFFM all this week at 4:10pm
  17. Join the Circus Kids Club at Valley Mall
  18. Attend story time at Inklings
  19. Attend the 50th Annual Toppenish Rodeo
  20. Go to races at the Speedway
  21. Check out free movies at the Princess Theatre
  22. Go to the Grandview Parade and Rodeo
  23. Go swimming at Franklin or Lions Pool
  24. Make slime with your siblings
  25. Have a water balloon fight
  26. Just HAVE FUN!
Summer is NOT even close to being over, there’s plenty of time to have fun and enjoy this - bring out your inner child and remember how much you LOVED summertime and DREADED going back to school!
Kids - bring easy suggestions to your parents!
Parents - make memories!
#beatheheat #summertimefun #makememories #weloveyakima - Lexi
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Sooo many things to do and this isn't even all of it. So hopefully this helps inspire you to go do something instead of the same old thing AND if this list helped you remember OTHER cool things to do, don't be shy, drop them below for everyone to enjoy.

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