Buffets seem like a thing of the past after covid, but lucky for us in the Yakima Valley there are still some open and operating. If you're like me you like the most for your money, and what better way to get your money's worth than a buffet?

Sure you could drive to western Washington and find a few over that way but today we're looking right here in the heart of the Yakima Valley to find our favorite buffets, find the full list below!

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3.) World Asian Bistro Buffet

If you love seafood and Asian cuisine look no further than on West Nob Hill. They've been serving the Yakima Valley for a while now and the reviews don't lie, this place is popular in Yakima and is still open for a good reason.

2.) Taj Palace

Is the lunch Buffet at Taj Palace truly endless, you'll have to find out for yourself. With delicious Curry and Tandoori food. With Chicken, Fish, Beef, and Vegetarian options there's something for everyone here. Try something new and find your new favorite place.

1.) Minando Buffet 

Considered the best Asian Buffet in Yakima, you can find Minando Buffet on North Front Street in Yakima. With an endless buffet of asian food, sushi and more everyone and their mom rant and rave about this place. When I first moved here everyone suggested i checked it out so of course it was one of the first places I ate, I can tell you the food and service is both amazing and you wont regret a night out here.

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