5 Best Overated Desserts That You Can Find in Yakima All the Time

You're hungry, aren't you? Want some dessert? We've got a hankering for some, too, but sometimes you might feel like certain desserts are really overrated in Yakima. That's okay because there's always a spot for more of them, after all, they are our favorites! We can't get enough of these 5 best overrated desserts that you can have all the time!

  1. Banana Pudding
    1. You can get some overrated and delicious banana pudding at Famous Dave's BBQ restaurant in Union Gap (1504 E Washington Ave) for $8.99 plus tax.
  2. Lava Cakes
    1. Want a tasty overrated lava cake? Try the Powerhouse Grill (3807 River Rd). They offer a chocolate lava cake for $6 and a turtle lava cake for $6.50 (all prices plus tax).
  3. Hot Fudge Sundae
    1. Get a Sundae made your way at The Habit Burger in Yakima (2400 W Nob Hill Blvd) for $3.99 plus tax.
  4. Tres Leches Cake
    1. Panaderia Delicias (2301 W Nob Hill Blvd) has a Tres Leches Cake and it looks so dang good. Overrated or not!
  5. Pies
    1. Have you ever been to Ahtanum Berry Patch & Bakery? It is a hidden gem and they have all kinds of pies, like this Huckleberry Cream Pie!

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