Fair is in the air! Can you feel it?

There's a mixture of excitement and anticipation as everyone's busy deciding what days they will be hitting up the Central Washington State Fair.

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The Gravitron

My earliest teenage memory of fair rides was experiencing The Gravitron. A space ship looking ride that spins around so fast that once at full speed you can use gravity to actually flip yourself upside down in your area. Some kids did it, I never had the guts. Too afraid I'd stay flipped too long and crash right on my head. It was the first time I learned rides that spin in a circle make me sick. My friend suggested getting some air on the carousel and unfortunately, that didn't make things better. I ended up having to jump off the ride to puke in the closest garbage can! I've never been interested in going on the Gravitron again. Love the Zipper though!

The Scrambler

When my husband and I went to the fair a few years back we chose The Scrambler right when we arrived and just as quickly the rest of the day was ruined for both of us. We never threw up but we felt scrambled for hours afterward! I wish I could find the photo, the terror in his eyes as he attempts to smile is incredible!

 Amy Berkheimer of Yakima said, "My first boyfriend and I went on the Scrambler. He puked!! I thought I would die of embarrassment. Then the Carny guy had to give him a bad time as we got off the ride. 6th-grade embarrassment level: 10! LOL Amy Roberts Berkheimer
Flip that story to a girl and Todd Lyons from 94.5 Kats experienced the same thing in sixth grade but ended up with kielbasa vomit on his jacket. Smooth!
The Sundola
This one time my future wife made me get on the gondola, I told her I hated heights she said I'd be ok. I was terrified looking like a cat stuck in a tree and she was crying she was laughing so hard!! It was one of the moments I suspected she was a keeper. - Tyler J of Yakima, WA
The Bullet
My Dad use to force me to go on the bullet with him and I got sick on him! And the hills angels showed up at The Evergreen Fair - Cindy of Sultan, WA
The Ferris Wheel
I got Stuck on the Ferris wheel up on the top the Ferris wheel, it quit running and we had to climb down the ladder backwards to get back down from the top..frickin Scary - Tina B of Selah, WA
Magic Carpet Ride
Magic Carpet ride with my son after a bit of rain and then they said it was ok to go down. Absolutely not ok to go down. The slide wasn’t dried off before we went down. He was probably 6 sitting on my lap and we sat on the burlap, on the 2nd bump we went airborne going way too fast, I had to clutch him and have him land on me as I landed on my side and we slid off the crappy carpet that was waterlogged at the bottom and onto the blacktop scraping my whole side to keep him from getting hurt. Then they said, “Ride’s Closed!” They totally turned their back like they didn’t just see it happen. I was fired up but hurting too bad to do anything. Should’ve called “The Heavy Hitter” after that - Robert M of Yakima, WA

Fair Rides from Around the World

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