As fast as Fall has arrived I feel like the end to the Central Washington State Fair has done the same thing! :( Today (Sunday September 30th) is your last day to enjoy! So in honor of this years theme "Let's Go All Out!" here is a quick break down.

  • Gates open at 11am and close at 9pm 
  • Don't have tickets yet? The box office opens for purchase from 9:30am6:30pm   Sunday Pricing
    • $15.50 for adults
    • Military, First Responders (Fire, EMS, Police Sheriff) $8
    • ages 6-12 $9
    • 5 and under free
    • seniors $11
    • Carnival Wrist Bands $35
  • 11am Main gated parking and the infield (graveled lot for overflow) $10. The later in the day the fuller the main parking gets. Saturday Sep 29th the main lot was full by 2pm. Just saying :)
  • There are chances to park on side streets for $5 (be smart about what you leave in your car)
  • Shuttle Service is FREE! Thank you Yakima and Union Gap Transit! CLICK HERE
  • 9:30am and every 30 minutes until 9pm locations down by Target bus #6

Whew! Alright now that you know the basics what's your favorite route? I worked down at the Coca Coca Grandstands for some shows this year and shooting through the crowd has now become an art! So here is my take on how to get in, get around and get out!

Entering from the main gate I like to stay to the right and head straight down towards the Sundola. While you are walking you can stop by the Clayton Homes house on the left (incredible and if you need a quiet moment it's perfect to reset) You have the chance to grab lemonade ($6 and refills are only $2) fried treats sweet and savory without big lines and even Elote (a bit too salty for me but I also was already thirsty so the jury is still out on that one)


If you are into the animals this a great way to start of with a treat and then say hello to all the goats and more!

Sarah J's Fair Route

The fair was crazy busy yesterday so I have no idea what the last day will bring but if you get a chance to say hello to the mini horses it is totally worth it!

Mini Horse

I mean what are we even talking about!? :) Getting through the fair in one piece, right! I truly believe that staying on the outer perimeter of the fair helps to keep you away from the masses but also the ability to dart in and out of the rows of vendors if you see something shiny or you know a squirrel!

Nooooo Squirrel

At this point you can grab a ride on the Sundola to your right, get a great overview and land near the rides and games OR head to the left weaving through the barns and grabbing some food. There are a few healthy options too if you are attempting to keep it light...ish. Young Life burgers or Mesquite BbQ, OMG so sad we were too full already to eat there. Going back next year. Fresh fruit cups filled with mango or strips of coconut YUM! I am sure you are going to get thirsty and at this point on the left you should be near a big white building. Are people sitting on the steps licking on hand dipped ice cream? Head on in and grab yourself the creamiest treat that melts at the perfect speed and afterwards these wonderful ladies are selling apples, juice boxes and bottled water for $1 to wash it all down. Perfection. A beautiful barn with shade, seats and a chance to admire the types of agriculture our awesome valley produces.

When I was in high school it was all about the zipper and the Sundome and now it's all about the food and the Sundome :) Got some awesome sunglasses and fought the urge to raid the fudge counter. So much fun and it could be all yours today if you are able to make it out.

If not this year then you can be like my Mother who mentioned last week that October was the month she starting putting away a tiny bit of money each month for NEXT YEARS wristbands (slow hand clap) or win some entrance and more next year! :)

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Later :)

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