8 Fun Things to Do By Yourself in Yakima and Beyond

You don’t need to feel lonely if you live in Yakima. If you live alone, you might feel that occasional lonely feeling, especially if you are yearning for the big city. And while Yakima might not be as big of a city as say, Seattle or Portland, there are still things you can do by yourself that will take away your lonely blues. 

7 Things to Do By Yourself in Yakima and Beyond
Krists Luhaers and Jen Ramona on Unsplash/Reesha Cosby/Canva

Sometimes if you’re walking around the mall or sitting in a restaurant, you might feel pangs of loneliness. You might wish you were there having a hot dinner date with someone or lounging around the house cuddling and watching TV. Stop feeling lonely! I’ve got a handy list of stuff to cheer you up.




Here are 8 things you can do solo in Yakima...and Beyond!

1. Go to the Yakima Valley Museum and check out the latest exhibits and the pieces in the permanent collections.

Yakima Valley Museum
Yakima Valley Museum via Facebook

2. Have dinner and a drink at the bar

A bar is the perfect place to go by yourself because somebody will most likely strike up a conversation with you. You won't be feeling lonely for long in a Yakima bar!

Having a drink at the bar
Elevate on Unsplash

3. Visit the library in West Valley or the Downtown Yakima Library

Get lost in some books!

West Valley Library in Yakima
Google Maps

4. See a movie and order popcorn, candy, and an adult beverage if that is your jam

The Orion Cinema is perfect for seeing a movie by yourself: there will be no crying kids because it's a 21+ only establishment. Plus, you can order food and adult beverages right from your movie seat!

Orion Cinema in Yakima, WA
Xander Deccio/Deccio Creative

5. Bingewatch a guilty pleasure TV show at home

Bingewatching TV on Netflix
Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

6. Right after a big snowfall, stop by the Japanese Garden at the Arboretum to cry and reflect

Japanese Garden at Yakima Arboretum
Credit: Reesha Cosby via Instagram

7. Play bingo at St. Joe’s on a Sunday afternoon

St. Joe's Bingo in Union Gap
Google Maps

They take debit/credit cards so expect to shell out at least $20 to play some bingo games. Mix and mingle with the friendly bingo locals who are sometimes also by themselves. You might win some big money playing bingo! TIP: Take some change with you to buy snacks from the snack bar; it's cash only.

8. Take a road trip to Ellensburg on a Sunday

I recommend stopping by for a tasty lunch at The Red Pickle, then take a leisurely stroll around the Central WA University Campus in the snow. It’s pretty dead on Sundays so there won’t be any crowds. On the way there and back, you can jam out with a road trip music mixtape (or check out this one I made for myself on Spotify a while back).  

The Veggie Burger and hand-cut fries at The Red Pickle

"Homemade chick pea patty served on a bun with American cheese, lettuce, garlic mayo, and avocado." - The Red Pickle

The Red Pickle Black Bean Burger and Fries
Credit: Reesha Cosby via Instagram

A mural on the side of a building in downtown Ellensburg, WA.

Mural in Ellensburg, WA
Credit: Reesha Cosby via Instagram

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So you now see there are 8 fun things you can do solo, yes, even in the ‘big city’ of Yakima and beyond!

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