I had pictured a very different Saturday in my head. Myself, psychic medium Melissa Henyan as well as Usui Reiki Master Amanda Evans have been buzzing about what the set-up of the third floor would look like. We had added a special opener for everyone. A fantastic local women, Lynn, who was going to kick everything off by calling in the four corners. We had discussed lighting candles and burning sage and speaking on the crystals provided by Soul Seeker and Three Sisters Metaphysical while you learned how to ground yourself and breath deep for a meditation while Melissa wandered through and wrote down your messages.

Yesterday I picked up your journals and was blown away by how incredibly beautiful they are so a SUPER big thank you to Inklings Bookshop and Emily for taking time to pick them for us.

The plan was to provide each of you with a bulb to take home and plant from Kameo Flowers, we were going to bless them, with all our energies raised so we would turn into professional green thumbers! ;)

But as the news and updates come flying in, I do know for certain we will not be hosting this Saturday. I have extended the event to land now on Saturday, June 27th in hopes that we can still get together but I will keep you posted because the future of gatherings is uncertain at the moment.

Happy Spring by the way.

I know this is a bummer for those in attendance, we sold the event out faster than I have sold anything before so I know there is a need now more than ever to connect and learn how to calm ourselves. To really reach inside and find that inner strength. Sometimes we help others and sometimes they help us and that is a beautiful thing that we don't want to lose right now.

We've been working to put together a video for you, distancing ourselves at the same time, so in preparation, if you have never heard of zoom, it's a free app that allows all of us to get together via video chat. I will be using it for a few more fun ways to connect on-air as well, so get it and let me know. This will not take the place of the event but I wanted to provide you with the chance to watch a video Melissa has shared with me earlier today.

It's SUPER important right now to take care of yourself, your mental and physical health. Your mind, body, and soul. Meditation can REALLY help with this and thankfully we have a few places in town that have flipped their free service to an on-line platform for all to take advantage of while we work to keep everyone healthy.

Perhaps this summer we will celebrate outdoors instead of in but either way, I wanted to take a moment to let you all know, we love you very much and want to connect in any way that we can.

I hope this find you doing alright and if not, that is ok to. This is a moment and it too shall pass.

Huge shout-out to Vangoe Coffee for creating The Mermaids Tale featuring spirulina. The drink comes in a red bull form and even lemonade. She is a traveling truck and still currently taking orders for delivery.

Also after the event we had planned some delicious items provided by Vida Health Bar, I checked and they too are still taking orders for take-out 9 am - 7 pm so please don't snooze if you've never tried them, fantastic and super healthy.

Moving forward I can offer up some card readings :) I purchased my first deck of tarot cards from Three Sisters Metaphysical and last week a deck or oracle cards. I still have no idea what I am doing but if you are willing to allow me to practice on you, that could be a fun way to pass the time. You can find me on social media @sarahjthedj other than that I will keep you posted as always with updates.

Have a wonderful weekend and we shall stay in touch.

P.S if you had purchased tickets and would like a refund I completely understand. If you would like to keep your space reserved for the new date we can do that too. I am trying to be as flexible as possible right now.

Always a good idea to remember to go with the flow ;)

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