Last night was wild. I knew there was going to be a heat wave and I noticed some grey parts to the sky so I started hoping for a little thunder and lighting as well, nothing too harmful, just a little show. I checked the weather report and didn't see anything but sometimes they come on quick so fingers were crossed.

I ended taking an afternoon nap and as I was falling asleep I do recall hearing sirens. I still had no idea, that around 3 pm in the afternoon a fire had started on Ahtanum Ridge. From what I could gather on social media and also the paper this morning. The fire was almost completely contained but then winds picked up and that's when multiple fires broke out.

It's wild to think in some parts of Yakima people were lounging about and in other parts people were beginning to pack, being asked to prepare to evacuate or watching their property engulfed in flames. My heart goes out to those whose homes and the property that's been damaged.

Waking up a few hours later, it totally looked like rain clouds were rolling in but they weren't rain clouds at all. They were clouds of smoke, that turned from white to grey to an ugly darkness that filled the sky and as the sunset the glow from multiple fires began reflecting off those clouds.

In some areas I heard that ash was falling from the sky, the entire valley smelled like we had all been hanging around the camp fire and around 8 pm as the fire raged on Ahtanum Ridge my husband and I went out to the Waterfire Restaurant parking lot for a clear view of what was happening. I was only out of the car for probably a minute but that was enough time for my eyes to burn and my clothes to become completely saturated with smoke. That's never a good thing for anyone's lungs.

Getting back in the car my eyes felt sticky and even at home and changed I could still smell the fire when I was close to the kitchen window. I wasn't even close to the flames.

Big shout-out to those that offered up their homes to take in animals or offering this or that during the emergency and especially the firefighters that were up close and personal to the destruction. Never a fun night but happy this year hasn't been as bad as years past when it comes to flames. Fingers crossed this doesn't turn into a late summer trend.

We posted on 107.3 KFFM's facebook page, asking for photos and here are some of the incredible shots were you all shared with us

Ahtanum Ridge Fires

Stay safe and if you'd like to add more photos or comments

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