were were were were were were were Climate Pledge Arena opened I doors to the public for the first time on October 19th for the Foo Fighters. Since it has been the perfect home for the Seattle Kraken letting fans truly experience the future of sports in the Pacific North West.

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Detroit Redwings vs Seattle Kraken game and it blew me away. The officials of the Climate Pledge Arena and the Seattle Kraken offered a tour to see the inner workings of the Arena.

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We got a chance to explore everything including the restaurants around the building along with their new innovative way to keep lines short and efficient. The restaurants now have an opening for you to walk in and grab what food you want from their menu then follow the line out to pay at the kiosk.

But we're here for the cool stuff, like the living wall inside the arena, decorated with plantation found in Washington everything on the wall is real, tended by a master of plants who makes 11k a month tending to it.

During our official tour, we also got a look at the Kraken Locker room, the entrance to the ice, and the upper deck area including some of the fancy lounges you can get into for drinks, food, and entertainment.

Lucky for me a friend of mine is an Ice official taking care of the ice in between periods and tending to the nets and ice. He gave me my little tour to check out what they call the poop deck, the area where they keep the zambonies and right next to the ice. I got to watch the w next to the ice keepers with a seat you can't even pay for.

You can see all pictures from the night below including their opening before the game, and a lot more.

Kraken Tour

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