You could say everywhere is hiring but did you know our area also has a super low unemployment rate? So it's not like people aren't working, but it also isn't like people aren't searching. Since the pandemic hit a lot of people have made tough decisions about what they want to do moving forward, even if it means leaving a job they have been at for a very long time.

Your work is not your life and you deserve to be paid enough to cover your bills so that is where the struggle lies.

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A Call To Action For Employers Is In Order

Pay your employees what they are worth and they will stay. Make sure that they are not being overworked so they are happy. Provide them with cool bonuses like how Costco will hook their crew up with a turkey for Thanksgiving and a ham for Christmas or something like that. Do something.

Gone are the days where people are just happy to have a job. We all have been surviving through this pandemic, with the fear of getting sick and possibly dying hovering over our heads. Do you think your lack of compassion for your employees that have worked the ENTIRE time this thing has been going on went unnoticed? You'd be wrong. You would be VERY wrong.

Stop working your employees eight days straight, at that point they aren't functioning productively anymore. If you can't figure out a system, hire someone who can, even better if it's internal, and get it fixed but don't allow your already hard-working and productive employees to take on even more work with no compensation because they are just so good at it. It's a slap in the face and you know it. You know it, so stop doing it.

Figure out how to be your employee's advocate. Listen to the complaints from your employees that have been there the longest and be proactive. You might not like what they are saying but that doesn't make it less true. Do better. Be better and reap the benefits of leveling up with your company still intact. You've got this but you have got to remember where you started. You have got to pay attention to your employees.

Job Openings

State of Washington Department of Ecology - Operations Manager in Union Gap

Perry Technical Institute - ITCS General Education Program Content in Yakima

New York Life - Searching for Military Veterans for Financial Services

Pinnacle Transportation Systems Incorporated - RGN Heavy OverSized Load Toter Driver

Grocery Outlet - General Manager

Comprehensive Health Care - Director

Yakima Valley Memorial - Director, Organizational Development

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