Let's celebrate amazing people. Ariana Grande's husband has inspired her, singing the song POV (Point of View)  Based on your social media, what kind of message are you sending out into the universe?

Layci Nelson's social media is full of inspiration for EVERYONE. From the top to the bottom, we all need money to live but living isn't about making money. I've been following Layci, gleaning inspiration quotes, and asking myself tough questions. I HOPE with all my heart that your employer begins to follow her because she is the first in my series of women who are crushing it!

Layci sets the bar high for herself and those she trains. Creating a culture that is open and communicative. Productive and thriving, constantly being reassessed and reworked based on today's changing business structure.

She poses great statements like, "People don't quit jobs, they quit bosses." or, "What quality do you see in people that you gravitate towards?"

You can follow her on Instagram Layci_Nelson or on Facebook Layci Nelson

She is an Executive Leadership Coach, working with bosses, owners, and leaders of companies. Working with them to sharpen their self-awareness. Teaching them how to engage with their employees and implement those strategies.

Have you ever had a boss ask you, "How can I be a better boss for you?"

How do we navigate healthy relationships and expectations in the workforce?

Tips and Tricks from Layci for Everyone

If you define yourself as a leader, people who sees the potential in an idea and or a person and has the courage to develop it. - Brene Brown

  1. Really know who you are. Take the time, a lifelong discipline, to define three operating principles or core values that describe who you are, what drives you, how you filter decisions. Only three because when everything is important, nothing is important. Most people have no idea how to answer that, it takes work but it's worth it. Example: it needs to be more than integrity (ask yourself the five why's. Why is it important to me?) In the end, it's more authentic
  2. Give yourself permission to change your mind about how you carry out those principles. It's about an action, how is that carried out. We all should be learning and growing, it should challenge us when we learn new things. A more interesting life will be created. Invest in lifelong learning, be willing to grow!
  3. Use money to love people vs loving money and using people. She had to work so hard to break the cycle. There's a lot of work around this. What's important to you?
  4. Redemption is real, people can change and people are worth the hard work.

Let's get real with people. Really dig in. Your personal and professional life! Know who you are, use meaningful words to you.

If you have a woman who should be highlighted PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out and let me know!

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