Valley Mall, Jacob, and Nina have outdone themselves. Seriously. With Covid-19 still rearing its ugly head, there were concerns a while back about carrying on inside Valley Mall like normal for summer Kids Club, a free event for ages 3 - 13 to come together and work on activities, enjoy a weekly theme with special guests and surprises. Once it was determined Valley Mall was not going to be open for the public the giant parking lot on the Sears side of Valley Mall turned into the weekly drive-through experience. What an about-face and I can honestly say I am super bummed they are done.

Yes, the pavement was hot but the smiles when the kids finally got to open their bags were completely worth it. We played a fun game where if you yelled out, "Sarah J hook me up" there were extra goodies while supplies lasted. Sometimes it was frisbees or workbooks or even secret codes to enter for family packs to Silverwood Theme park.

Some of you all went above and beyond and actually started gifting us with drinks, donuts, or pizza and today I was getting a little teary-eyed with the sweet notes some of the kids created for us. Listening to parents explain how excited the kids were getting, the night before talking about how they couldn't wait for what some had dubbed, "their birthday bag."

You could tell the thought that was put into the items chosen for each week and the reusable themed bags were just SO cute!

Stay tuned for announcement about Christmas time because something wonderful this way comes!

Kids Club Wrap-Up

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