So I was challenged to some push up by Sarah J. Her voice comes out of your speakers in the afternoons on the station. She was raising awareness for mental health. I know a lot of people suffer from mental health issues. After being in the radio business for over ten years. I know there something wrong with me but in a good way.

After running on rez time. I finally answered the challenge. I even surprised my self. Since I'm not in the best physical condition. I didn't challenge anybody but I dedicated these push to a group of women. Know as the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women(MMIW).

Across the country, Native American Women are disappearing at a high rate. Some women return home safely to their loved ones. Unfortunately, a lot of Native women don't return home. If they are found. They are returned home to loved ones for some closure. But with so many questions left unanswered.

My home tribe of the Yakama Nation. One of the largest reservations in the state of Washington. There are too many unsolved cases of missing and murdered indigenous women. Currently State officials and tribal members from tribes around the state. Are working together to get a database created for Native women who go missing.

Social media is also being used to help find Native American women and girls that go missing. There are pictures with people the have the red handprint over their mouths. This symbolizes those women that can't speak for themselves. More information on the MMIW movement can be found at or the MMIW FaceBook page.

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Here is the video where Sarah J challenged me to do push-ups. While raising awareness for Mental Health


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