Organizations and clubs at Heritage University. Have hosted pow wows, comedy shows, and many other events. The Heritage University Native American Club. Is presenting the first Missing and Murdered Indigenous People's Healing Round Dance.

In Native American culture. The round dance is also known as a friendship dance. Is done at many pow wow across the country.

Tribes across the country are dealing with a serious issue. That is women going missing. Native American women are going missing at a high rate. In the span of over three decades. Numerous Native American women have gone missing.

In the the state of Washington. The list of Missing and murdered Indigenous women. Is just to long. There is currently a database being created amongst tribes in Washington State.

There are also social media platforms raising awareness of Native women that are missing. Some are found, but others stay missing.

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The Native American Club at Heritage University. Is presenting the first Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Healing Round Dance. And everyone is invited.

This event will be at the Smith Family Hall. Located in the arts and science center. Friday May 5th. From 6PM to 7PM. This is free to to attend. And food and drinks will be provided.

For a lot of families across the Yakama Nation. This will be a time of healing and remembering. But also a time of raising awareness for those people that have gone missing on the Yakama Nation.


Photo by D-Rez/TownSquare Media
Photo by D-Rez/TownSquare Media


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