We've all been there: You plan a trip to the store, maybe you purchased everything on your list or -- like me -- you always seem to have one or two extra things added to the cart by the time you are done. Either way, bags are now loaded in the car and they don't seem like TOO many, but as you start sliding bags on your forearms you come to the realization that you MIGHT have to take TWO trips.

What do you do next?

UM, you suck it up and maneuver the bags so the weight is evenly distributed between BOTH forearms. Did you buy milk and tea? YES. So now you have to not only shift the bags but make sure you can carry your keys to open the door while both hands are full as well. Is the circulation being cut off a little? Yeah, but I believe the phrase "pain is beauty" works right? ;)

I do have to say on a side note, now that I have been going to Yakima Athletic Club, the grocery bag carrying ordeal was a bit more manageable! Farmers Carries are basically same thing, so pop that butt out when you bend down, lift with your knees, engage your core and carry on! Fitness and functionality #winning

What's the most bags you've carried at once? I KNOW I have carried more than this before (college, walking two miles from the Safeway with all these bags and a case of beer. Why? Because college)

Good luck with your next grocery outing and HOPEFULLY you have someone else to help you carry the groceries. But either way, you got this!



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