How do you break-up your work week? I have figured out a pretty fantastic way, having psychic medium Melissa Henyan come on the show every Wednesday afternoon starting at 4 pm!

She normally has some sort of topic but naturally, the conversation goes where it's meant to go :)

Here is what she wrote for today

So for about, How to live a fulfilled life? It was a question asked a few weeks back and while I do not see myself as an expert in this area, I do have a few tips.

You can bring your questions to our app, our social media, give us a call 509-972-1073 and also join our live video portion on the 107.3 KFFM facebook page.

Come prepared with one question and also know that we try to answer everyone but if we miss you, it wasn't intentional. A great trick, ask the question when you make your comment don't just let me know no one answered you. Chances are I will end up seeing just that part. I have been trying to type while Melissa is answering and that seems to really help as well.


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