We are almost there. So close I was inspired to write this ...

'Twas the afternoon before Thanksgiving and all through the house, the vibration was rising as sage smoldered about. I called in my angels and all of my guides in hopes that in gathering, each member would survive.

The turkey was stuffed, the sides ready to be prepared, the anticipation of conversations had begun to dance in the air.

Melissa and Sarah, their Facebook Live topic picked, had just settled in for a chance to chat with the click.

When out of nowhere Melissa stopped in mid-sentence -- someone had joined us and wanted gravy and biscuits.

We waited to find out who'd validate our new guest, when another one stepped in to add to the request.

Mash 'em and pass 'em and throw on some beans. I'm hungry and ready to burst at the seams. No matter the topic, I came here to eat. So come 'round the computer and join in on the feast.

That's all I have for now on that subject haha :)

Call out your questions and all your requests and hopefully, we convey the message that all are blessed.

No matter the struggle, we're glad you stopped by, so drop all your questions and let's have some pie :)

We will begin our topic with questions, answers and all of the above, 4:30 p.m. Join our LIVE Facebook, feel free to call in -- (509) 972-1073 -- stream from kffm.com or download the app to message us during the show.


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