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The World can be a wild place with all kinds of social media and technology being thrown at us. We have our heads down and the moment something arrives in our path that was unexpected the whole damn house of cards comes tumbling down.

Are you feeling on edge? Like there's some major energy in your universe and you just don't know where to go with it?

Well, how about to take a deep breath. Close your eyes, call in your guides and set your alarm for 4:30 pm because Wednesday's it's not only hump day but it's also ask a psychic day with Melissa Henyan :)

From now until 4:30 pm, Wednesday, December 11th I would LOVE for you to message us via the app or in our 107.3 KFFM Facebook event page. If you haven't liked our page, do so and once we are live you will receive a notification that we have started. There is a cool new feature where you can share the live we are doing with your friends, called a watch party. Take advantage if you have friends and family that always want to join but forget or need a little nudge.

We will be going on-air so you're more than welcome to stream from KFFM.COM or set your radio dial to 107.3 KFFM

Very excited to connect with as many of you as we can. We never know who will show-up and exactly the route we will take but it's always a great time so we hope to see you soon.

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