I've been on the edge of my seat since I first heard that Zach J was premiering on this season's Bachelorette. I'm not familiar with Clare who is being dubbed the oldest Bachelorette at 39 years old and she isn't representing well in my opinion. Every season gets some crazy drama and of course, 2020 would have a whole new take on the type that ensues. Last Tuesday night was just a holy crap, "what the hell just happened?" type moment.

Being 39 doesn't mean you are going to handle relationships like a pro and my man Zach J was the first real casualty of her Dale loving carnage.

I mean Yosef got the ball rolling taking himself out of the running but you have to respect the fact that he was super clear he's here trying to find love and she's asking all these guys to strip.

Clare and Yosef
youtube screenshot

His drama played out for two weeks and now he gone.

Zach J on the other hand has been stable and received the first one on one date of the season.

The Bachelorette via youtube
Zachary Jackson making his first impression

He has been a front runner since the beginning so this was a great start! Clare set-up a spa date which sounds like a blast but there was a weird energy in the air and things got awkward, quickly.

Clare mentioned she felt the energy was forced. Ok but, could it be, Clare, that you were distracted by something? Either way, Clare was going pretty hard for a first date spa treatment, slapping guacamole all over his face and asking if he was relaxed. Would anyone in this situation be relaxed? That wasn't where the real awkwardness appeared.

Sarah Johnson

The big deal came when Clare leaned in for a kiss at the pool, that she initiated mind you, and at the last second hesitates, lingers, and then pulls back. Awkward!  It all happens so fast, she flips it and acts like he was the one that hesitated. WTF? This is a big deal because had I not found the clip and got to watch it back I might not be pointing this out.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FgNYa5sl-E
Right before she hesitates

He tried to move in and then she wasn't into it and then, it happened. He quickly tried to grab her and force a kiss to break up the moment but ladies and gentlemen that's never a very good idea.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FgNYa5sl-E
she is thinking about Dale

It was one of those moments that you can't take back and she was triggered...or used this as her excuse to bail on that portion of the date. It was bad but she was acting like a high schooler that got caught sending mixed messages to someone she's not into. Perhaps a romantic dinner recovering was in store?

youtube screenshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FgNYa5sl-E
What could have been


She made him sit there and wait for not Clare to show up but the host Chris Harrison, to send him home packing.


My husband and I were screaming at the tv. Zach J is an incredible guy and I just couldn't believe this was happening. He opened up on his Instagram story illuding to that moment and others

Watching Clare's decision to not go on the group date that next morning, making them wait until evening, and then making-out with Dale for over 40 minutes was wild. Up until that moment, I thought maybe Dale was the man but when the other men confronted him about going back for seconds with Clare he started acting differently and avoiding the question. Zach, you dodged a bullet and deserve another shot with someone worthy of your time. I am also not the only one that feels that way.

So in the spirit of make-believe and thoughts of what happened in an alternate universe, I am rewriting the script. When Chris sat down to talk to you, instead told him you were over this, you aren't into a partner who can't express herself and is into playing games. You are truly wanting to find love so you are outta here.

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