Holy guacamole, it sure pays to be nice to people. You ready for this? A while back I got it in my head that I had enough free time to take on a side gig at Skateland, spinning the ones and twos, hosting and all that jazz. The owners were so sweet and once I realized I couldn't give them the time they were searching for I called up my good friend Jamie, aka DJ Chroma, to come on down and see if he was into the gig. Fast forward he's now crushing it there and this afternoon is willing to help take our afternoons with psychic medium Melissa Henyan to the next level!

If this is your first time joining us know that Melissa and I attempt to be tech savvy but it's been a real struggle. We bounce back and forth from using my personal cellphone to a tablet, the connection is sometimes delayed and attempts to bring people on the camera lately haven't worked either so it's kind of been a free for all. :) Thank you to everyone who continues to roll through this journey with us. Super appreciative because we just love it and you all.

Speaking with Jamie yesterday he came up with some ideas that we are going to put into action this afternoon beginning at 4:30 pm. We will be doing our normal live on our 107.3 KFFM facebook page, like us if you haven't  yet to receive a notification once we begin. We will be attempting to take some phone calls that everyone can listen in on ;) So stay tuned because there will be a special phone number to call.Hopefully the entire process will be more awesome then before but either way feedback and ideas are always appreciated. The more brains the more ideas ;)

Each week we have her for a short period of time but fun stuff moving forward we have our first event coming up Saturday, March 21st from 3 pm - 6 pm above the Avenida Cantina in Downtown Yakima. We are ALMOST sold out so if you have been waiting to purchase yours ... don't wait too much longer. We have more ideas coming up but right now we are just feeling super happy to be able to connect with everyone for an extended period of time.

To get yourself prepared for this afternoon it's always fun to have family members or friends with you, if you are hoping to connect with a certain passed loved one. The more people that knew that person the more validation Melissa can give you. Something might not click for you but your sister or Mom know exactly what it means. She asks that if you are wanting to connect with someone who has passed you wait a minimum of 6 months, not for them but for you. It's still raw and so the messages might not make sense to you yet.

Her favorite saying is, "Don't feed the medium" so just the basics are needed to get started. Typing, anything for me today, is pretty generic so it's ok to ask a specific question just don't be like, "I'd like to connect with my Grandma Ellen who passed in December of such and such and drove this and used to say this" Too much info but asking about a specific loved one does help a bit. Once she is reading someone we ask that you stop typing your questions, you can send hearts to help keep the energy up and positive and then once she is finished go for it and type away :)

Please know we do this for entertainment purposes. Not everyone will be read, though we try super hard to reach as many of you as we can and Melissa is even kind enough to go through and read some more of you within the next week.

You can also drop your question below and I will attempt to get those answered as well

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