Happy Wednesday :)

We're calling in the light, asking for the greatest good and if you are currently reading this, it totally is meant for you to be doing so.

Here is what a reading of an animal sounds like. Thank you, Susan and Sophie,

Ask a psychic is one of my favorite moments of the week. It reminds me to take a deep breath and be thankful for everything that I have and everything that is around me. Being present, in the moment and feeding my soul with positive energy.

Having you all join Melissa and I is always a pleasure and this week she is touching on something that we ALL can work on. Being true to ourselves. Like, every part of ourselves, and owning who THAT person is. The good, the bad, the ugly.

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We all have lessons presented to us and when we are fighting ourselves and the universe, real talk, things can get really ugly.

She recently posted this last week and has been shared over 90 times

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We can't control how others view us, that's not our job. Our job is to put out in the World the gifts that we possess. The ones that make our heart sing and our eyes shine. We will constantly run into people who are meant to teach us lessons, there for a moment or an extended period of time, we should always be working on ourselves. Not hiding ourselves and what we truly think and believe.

You could be warring with someone at this very moment. Why? Why is your being so consumed with this person, that moment, what was said and done? What can you learn from that? Did you handle it with words or fists? Did you stand up for what you believe in or did you use restraint and smile at someone wishing them well.

Every moment is a chance for you to be the best version of you and even in our darkest moments we will still rise up and out of the ashes. So dust yourself off. Think of that one thing that needs to be dealt with and if you want drop your questions below, do it! :)

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On top of these wonderful interactions we told you we would be reading your dogs this week so bring it on.

Melissa will be in the studio beginning at 4:30 pm and we will also go live on Facebook. So bring the friends and family. Share it on your page as a watch party, set your alarm and lets dive in to being the best version of who we really are each and every day.