Every year Gymnastics Plus and Kids Castle open their doors to kids with autism to let them roam free, play on the equipment and be amongst their friends. This day is one of the highlights of my son's year. I can't thank Gymnastics Plus for doing this.

Gymnastics Plus and, most especially, Kids Castle is my son's favorite place in Yakima. He only speaks about 20 words and 'Kids Castle' is one of them. We do take him to Kids Castle but now he's with others who understand why he just runs off or why he tries to eat other people's popcorn and everything else he does because, on this day, he's not the only one.

My wife and I have friends who also have children with autism so it's great to get together, let them do their thing and burn off some needed energy.

It's a great event for several reasons. One being it's fully staffed, not only by the great people at Gymnastics Plus, but also with lots of helpers of those with autism like teachers and specialists. That gives an extra sense of safety if you just want to let them run off so you can relax your mind for a moment. I still stay on guard at all times, but it's nice to know they're around, too.

So, just need to give a big-time shout-out to the good people at Gymnastics Plus for having this and to our friends at Children's Village for helping facilitate this annual event.